B2B Marketing Mentor

Strategy, Efficiency, products and markets.

Mentoring, support and guidance for your B2B marketing person (or team).


Younger marketers are often strong on tactics, but poor on strategy and planning. I help bridge this gap by providing the mentorship and guidance they need.

Helping marketing personnel to improve efficiency by implementing the latest AI driven tool set.

As a experienced B2B marketer with many years spent in technology markets interfacing with customers at the design-in stage I can help marketers and business development people with product and market evaluation.


I work alongside your marketing person on an agreed project. As their guide and mentor.

I always start with an initial meeting (online or in person) to understand your business challenges, goals and objectives. If I can help, we will agree on what I will do, expected outcomes and who I will work with. There is no charge for this initial meeting.

I will mentor your marketing person (or team) to deliver on agreed objectives and then exit. I provide hands-on B2B marketing help and support, leaving behind an up-skilled, more confident and focussed marketing person (or team).

As a B2B marketing mentor I can either:

1. Work alongside* your designated marketing person or team at your premises.


2. Deliver online B2B marketing mentoring, help and support.

*   On site mentoring services are only offered across the North East of England. An area from the Scottish Border to the Humber including Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear and parts of North Yorkshire.


I work with B2B services businesses, installers, distributors, manufacturers and technology companies from start ups through to businesses employing up to 250 people. I deliver B2B marketing mentoring services to UK based businesses.


I have over 15 years of marketing experience as an employee and over ten years as a consultant and mentor. I am technically qualified and before moving into marketing worked in a variety of Electrical engineering and Electronic design roles.

The majority of my marketing experience has been in B2B markets. You may read more on my skills and experience here.


Call today on 07716 871892 to discuss your requirements. Let’s see if I can help. Or complete the contact form and I will call you back.

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