How A Experienced Marketing Mentor Can Add Value

Many medium sized businesses in B2B markets employ a marketing person (or team) with considerable market experience and knowledge but still fail to generate the sales leads they need to take the business forward. This post considers if an experienced marketing mentor, employed on a short term contract, may assist an existing marketing team to deliver more value.

Marketing has probably never been as fast moving as it is today. What worked well only 18 months ago may not work at all today and may actually do more harm than good. Push marketing based on telemarketing and traditional advertising is less effective but the alternative pull marketing is primarily internet based and is changing at a rapid rate.

In businesses operating in B2B markets the person (or team) responsible for marketing often has been promoted from within the organisation. This approach has several advantages as the person is likely to have an intimate understanding of products, markets and customers and a close working relationship with other internal departments. However, their marketing tools and techniques will, most likely, be based on what has always worked well in the past and that is the problem.

An experienced marketing mentor can add value in such circumstances as they possess both experience of what worked in the past and works today. They are therefore best placed to make comparisons, discard what is unlikely to work, modify an existing approach to deliver better value or suggest new tools or techniques.

Today, content (or pull) marketing is more likely to deliver results for businesses in B2B markets than push. As the name suggests, content marketingis based on delivering valuable, engaging information to both existing and potential new customers to stay front of mind with those customers and to build credibility. Prospects are more likely to thoroughly research products, services and suppliers before engaging in any sort of sales conversation. Content marketing is about delivering the information prospects need during their research process via appropriate channels.

As stated above an internal marketing person or team has many advantages over any outsourced marketing services provider. A mentor, engaged on a short term contract, may utilise their experience to deliver advise, guidance and education to the in house team to bring them up to speed with best current practice and help them put the marketing systems and processes in place to take a modern marketing process forward to deliver a consistent supply of quality sales leads to the business.

In a fast moving world where outdated marketing techniques can cost businesses both in marketing costs and lost sales leads a experienced marketing mentor can deliver considerable value by offering the guidance and support necessary to bring a knowledgeable internal marketing person (or team) up to speed on current best practice.