Business Growth Support, Advice and Guidance

We support clients intent on business growth via new product introduction, penetrating new markets or attacking niche markets. We specialise in manufacturing, technology, distribution and B2B services sectors.

We have worked for start-ups and many small and medium sized businesses to grow new business from a negligible (or nil) base. We are product people with a real expertise in new product development, new product marketing and market penetration. We understand how it feels to stare at a target figure and a blank sheet of paper, wondering where to start.

Inbound (Content) Marketing Specialists

When we started in B2B marketing and sales over 25 years ago all marketing was outbound and for many businesses the situation remains unchanged. However, since the mid 1990’s we have developed our expertise in online and content marketing and today are convinced that inbound marketing, combined with some of the best elements of outbound, delivers the best results.

We work with your key staff passing on the skills and knowledge they need to develop their own inbound marketing plan.

B2B Market Research, Analysis and Development

Gaining a foothold in a new market is often the first stage in the development and growth of a business but it requires both a solid strategy and plan and the expertise to deliver that plan. A rugged company and product promotion process is required to build awareness and generate sales leads at the minimum cost to the business.

We work with clients delivering business growth support based on our experience of penetrating new markets for high technology products. We work with your team advising on best practice while minimising the potential for costly mistakes.

New Product Marketing Plan

With many years’ experience of identifying, screening, developing and launching new, high tech, products we deliver advice, support and guidance on a range of subjects including:

  • New product idea generation
  • Product idea research and screening
  • Product viability and testing
  • New product strategy and planning (including the pricing and promotion plan)
  • Product launch and securing early adopters
  • Product promotion

One of the key routes to grow business organically is new product development but the evidence is unequivocal – most new products fail. We work with clients to minimise the risk of failure and to ensure products that are not viable are dropped at the earliest possible stage wasting the minimum time and money.

Increase Sales In A Niche Market

With over 20 years experience in a range of marketing and business development roles in specialist markets we understand the unique challenges associated with increasing sales in a niche market.

Most marketing is based on the concept that only a small number (often less than 2%) of targets will respond appropriately to marketing messages. This is a valid approach where there are many prospects but not in niche markets with an entire market of perhaps less than 200 potential customers.

As marketing mentors We work with clients to install inbound marketing based systems and processes to ensure the maximum number of potential clients are engaged and ultimately converted.

To learn more, or for an informal discussion, call 01670 513378 or EMail We work across North East England including Northumberland, Tyne and Wear, Durham and Teeside.