Strategic Business Development Plan

We always start any new discussions at a strategic level. It may be solid business growth strategies are already in place but if not we work through a list of only five questions. We have found that the answers to these questions gives a solid understanding of where a business is, where it would like to get to and some potential routes to get there within a 30 – 45 minutes of meeting for the first time.

We have over 15 years experience of building, and implementing, business growth strategies and plans for a range of businesses from start ups to those with turnovers in excess of £20m.

With the basics understanding of the current position and long term objectives in place we act as a guide through the various stages of the planning process as summarized below.

  • Analyse the current position – Markets, products, competition, intermediaries, margins etc.
  • Set objectives.
  • Prepare several alternative B2B marketing strategies to achieve those objectives.
  • Compare, contrast , test those strategies to decide on the most appropriate way forward.
  • Estimate results.
  • Establish programmes and timescales to deliver on chosen strategies.

Finally, we help our clients build measurement, review and feedback processes to monitor performance against the business growth plan. If required we then provide advice, guidance and support to implement the plan in part, or in full.

We are often asked by business owners – why do we need a marketing strategy and plan? We tend to respond with a question of our own – what would you think if your business had no financial plan, there were no financial records or measures of performance and your finance department kept all the key figures in their heads?

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