B2B Marketing Mentoring, Advice and Support

We are B2B marketing mentors. We work with small and medium sized businesses intent on growth, delivering marketing advice, support and guidance.

With over 20 years B2B and technology marketing experience we work with start-ups, small and medium sized businesses involved in manufacturing, technology, distribution and B2B services. We help clients to grow business by penetrating new markets, developing and launching new products, attacking niche markets or simply by generating more general sales leads and enquiries.

Business Growth and Development

Most businesses are established and grow in one particular market and location. Their people grow up with the business, develop into senior roles and take the business forward. The first real challenge for many businesses is when they are ready to take the next step on their growth path. How will that growth be achieved? In what geographical areas? Will growth be new product based, new market based or both?

B2B Marketing personnel tend to be promoted from within or transferred from sales. Although they may have excellent market and customer knowledge they may lack the market analysis, strategy development and planning skills required to attack new markets or develop new products. B2B marketing has developed significantly over recent years and it can be difficult for marketing staff to keep up with current best practice and the rapidly developing trends in internet and inbound marketing. We deliver the latest, best practice, B2B marketing advice and support.

New Market Penetration and New Product Development

To develop successful new products or attack new markets requires both specialist skills and experience of what works and what does not in any given situation. Marketers with real experience of niche markets and technology marketing are few and far between. We mentor existing staff, providing advice guidance and support and fill the gaps in their skills base until the point is reached they may take on the task themselves. Our role is to deliver on agreed business growth objectives as soon as practical, leaving a legacy of new systems and processes and staff with the skills to take the business forward.

How A Marketing Mentor Can Help

A marketing mentor acts as a sounding board for the mentee, listening without judging, identifying underlying issues, challenging where necessary and exploring options. Successful mentoring is all about relationships, we therefore always offer a free of charge introductory meeting (of up to two hours) to explore a potential need for mentoring, establish if we can work together and, if we can deliver value. Call today on 01670 513378 to book a no obligation appointment or Email any comments or questions to phil@striga.co.uk.

We operate across the North East of England including Northumberland, Durham and Tyne and Wear.