B2B Marketing Mentoring, Advice and Support.

We are B2B marketing mentors. We mentor people to improve their marketing skill base, the quality of their output and ultimately ROI on marketing activity. We guide and support your team to deliver on a specified task.

We also work with business owners and directors on marketing strategy, new product/market development and sales/marketing organisation.

We work with start-ups and small and medium sized businesses involved in manufacturing, technology, distribution and B2B services. We help clients to grow business by penetrating new markets, developing and launching new products, attacking niche markets or by generating more sales leads and enquiries. We work across North East England.

About Me

My name is Phil Smith. I have over 20 years B2B and technology marketing experience. I have worked for a range of businesses from start-ups to businesses with a turnover of approximately £25m. I understand the marketing challenges faced by small to medium sized businesses. You can read more about my experience here.

I have expertise in a wide range of marketing disciplines. These include strategy, product marketing, inbound marketing, content strategy and content creation, content based SEO, paid social and AdWords, Email, direct mail and seminars and events.

My past experience includes managing sales teams and European distributors. I have also spent time as a general manager. I have experience in both sales and marketing and understand the conflict that can exist between the disciplines. Since 2008 I have worked as an independent marketing consultant and B2B marketing mentor.

The Problem With B2B Marketing

Most businesses are established and grow in one market and location. Their people grow up with the business, develop into senior roles and take the business forward. The first real challenge for many businesses is when they are ready to take the next step on their growth path. How will that growth be achieved? In what geographical areas? Will growth be new product based, new market based or both? What is the strategy?

B2B Marketing personnel tend to be promoted from within or transferred from sales. Although they may have an excellent market and customer knowledge they may lack specific marketing skills. B2B marketing has developed significantly over recent years and it can be difficult for marketing staff to keep up. Internet marketing, in particular, is developing rapidly and the rate of change is increasing.

The Agency Approach

One solution may be to employ a marketing agency and allow your internal marketing resource to manage that agency. There are several potential problems with this approach. If you or your in house person does not have a detailed understanding of what is needed to achieve the task how will they know what the agency proposes is valid? How can they manage the task when they do not have a detailed understanding of what is involved?

A typical marketing agency will attempt to maximise the length of their engagement. This often means the ROI they deliver reduces dramatically over time. The agency retains the marketing skills so when they do depart they leave behind no lasting legacy. To keep costs down many agencies use relatively inexperienced people for delivery. The people who pitch for the work are often not those who carry it out.

What A B2B Marketing Mentor Can Offer

I mentor existing staff, providing advice, guidance and support. I fill the gaps in their skills base until the point is reached they may take on the task themselves. My role is to deliver on agreed objectives as soon as practical, leaving staff with the skills to take the business forward.

Call today on 07595 513542 to book a no charge, no obligation exploratory, first meeting or Email any comments or questions to phil@striga.co.uk. We operate across the North East of England covering an area from the Scottish Border to the Humber including Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear and parts of North Yorkshire.