B2B Marketing Mentoring, Guidance and Support.

We help your designated marketing person (or team) deliver either a specific project or your entire marketing process.

How We Work

We always start with a top level review of your business, your market and your objectives. We take the time to understand your business challenges and the people and resources at your disposal. There is no charge for this initial meeting.

If we can help we will sketch out an initial plan and estimate timescales and costs. We will then take the time to consider our discussion in greater detail before submitting a firm proposal.

We guide your marketing team to deliver on agreed objectives then exit leaving your marketing person (or team) with the skill set to take your business forward.We charge on completion of agreed project milestones, by the half day or full day depending on the circumstances.

We work with manufacturing, technology and B2B services businesses, from start ups through to businesses employing up to 50 people.

About Me

I have over 25 years of marketing experience. I am technically qualified and before moving into marketing worked in a variety of Electrical engineering and Electronic design roles.

The majority of my marketing experience has been in B2B markets. You may read more on my skills and experience here.

Since 2008 I have run my own business initially as a marketing consultant offering strategic marketing advice. I now work as a B2B marketing mentor while also running my own online businesses.

Call today on 07747 042320 to book a no charge, no obligation exploratory first meeting or Email any comments or questions to phil@b2bmarketingmentor.co.uk. We operate across the North East of England covering an area from the Scottish Border to the Humber including Northumberland, Durham, Tyne and Wear and parts of North Yorkshire.

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